Hellvival Guidelines

I. Do not advertise any Minecraft Server(community leeching)

II. Do not spam or abuse the chat system

 I. Spamming built-in game chat

 II. Usage of any variant of player-doxxing(revealing information that can be used to identify someone outside Minecraft.

 III. Do not engage in the language used to discriminate against one based on one's gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or another trait.

III. Usage of exploits that can disrupt the gameplay of anyone on the server

IV. PVP/Trapping/Aggressing with new server members    

 I. New Members will have a visible tag over their player    

 II. New Member protection is active for 15 minutes upon first-join

Final decisions are made at the discretion of a community admin.

I. Griefing of any kind(except designated-server-spawn-areas)

II. Squatting(or usage/takeover of another player created structure)

III. PVP(Except against new members as cited in "not-allowed")

IV. Group Formation(societies and/or gangs) (edited)February 2, 2023