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Hellvival Guidelines

Hellvival strives to be an environment where players have free choice in how they experience Minecraft's First Nether Survival Experience. However, safety of players interacting with the server is crucial. Online safety of players is something that Hellvival will enforce and distribute one-time bans if anyone is caught endangering the real-life safety of another user.

Not Allowed

Do not utilize the chat system to danger the safety of another user or reduce the server's performance.

  • Usage of any variant of player-doxxing(revealing information that can be used to identify someone outside Minecraft.
  • Do not engage in the language used to discriminate against one based on one's gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or another trait.
  • Do not attempt to bypass the chat filter or use any profanity language in the in-game chat window.

We do not promote the usage of exploits on Hellvival.

  • Exploits can reduce the performance of the server.
  • Exploits have used to endanger the real safety of another player.