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Hellvival Starter Guide

Hellvival Starter Guide

Hellvival - The Ultimate Minecraft Nether Survival Guide

Welcome to "Hellvival", the ultimate Nether Survival challenge. Starting with nothing, you'll need to survive and thrive within the harsh realms of the Nether, utilizing the mechanics introduced in the Minecraft Nether Update. Here, we will guide you through your initial steps to eventual overworld mastery.

New Player Area

Just below the spawn, you'll find an area specially designed for new players. Here, you'll see demonstrations of the various Nether biomes, common crafting recipes, and the types of structures you can find. We recommend exploring this area and familiarizing yourself with these elements. This guide will cover them as well, but first-hand experience is invaluable.

Common Crafting Recipe Room In NPA For The Crimson Forest.

Basic Survival

Once you've grasped the basics in the new player area, it's time to face the Nether. Your survival in this hostile environment will depend on how quickly you adapt. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Resources: Your first task will be to gather resources. Start by collecting blocks such as Netherrack, Quartz and Glowstone. Unlike in the Overworld, wood in the Nether comes from the Crimson and Warped forests in the form of stems and can be used to create basic tools and shelter.
  2. Food: You need to ensure a constant food supply. The main sources of food in the Nether are Hoglins and Mushrooms. Hoglins are hostile, but killing them will give you a substantial amount of porkchops. You can also make mushroom stew from the Warped and Crimson fungi.
  3. Shelter: It's crucial to build a shelter to protect yourself from the hostile creatures. Use the Netherrack or other blocks you've collected to construct a basic dwelling.

Understanding Biomes

Different biomes within the Nether offer varying resources and host distinct threats. Understand these biomes to survive:

  1. Crimson Forest: A good place for wood and food. Hoglins spawn here, offering a source of meat.

2. Warped Forest: Similar to Crimson Forest but safer. Endermen spawn here, useful for collecting ender pearls.

3. Soul Sand Valley: A treacherous biome filled with Skeletons and Ghasts. But, it offers bones and soul sand.

4. Basalt Deltas: Home to Magma Cubes. You can find plentiful Basalt and Blackstone, the latter can be used to make stone tools.


Navigate the vast Nether with our Hellways, four highways that lead North, East, South, and West. Remember the directions:

  • West Hellway = -X
  • North Hellway = -Z
  • East Hellway = +X
  • South Hellway = +Z

Use these routes to explore or travel. But beware, other players(and other inhabitants) might be using them too!

PvP, Griefing, Raiding, and Teaming

The Hellvival server allows these, so stay vigilant. Making alliances could help you survive, but trust no one completely.

Ruins of An Ancient Base... 

Overworld Unlock Event

The Overworld is locked most of the time. But during specific hours on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Nether portals are reactivated, and you have a chance to venture into the Overworld.

The times are:

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays: 5:00PM-10:00PM EST
  • Saturday & Sundays: 11:00AM-10:00PM EST

During these periods, you can gather Overworld resources and even fight the Ender Dragon. However, be cautious - when the event ends, all players are teleported back to the Overworld spawn, where mass PvP could occur. It's recommended to be prepared for combat or have an escape plan ready.

The Overworld Portal


The Bastion

Inside of A Bastion
Bastion Chest Room - Beware, these chests are guarded!

Bastion Loot:

These items can be found in the main bastion chests at the bottom of the structure surrounded by gold blocks. Top left is most common to bottom right is least common.
These items can be found in any chest in a Bastion

The Nether Fortress

The Nether Fortress

Nether Fortress Loot:

These items can be found in nether fortress chests. The top left is the most common and the bottom right is the least common.

Advanced Survival

Once you've become comfortable with surviving, it's time to thrive:

  1. Upgrade Your Gear: Blackstone found in Basalt Deltas can be used to make better tools and weapons. You should also strive to get Netherite, which is superior to Diamond.
  2. Brewing: Blaze Rods from Fortresses can be used to create Brewing Stands for crafting powerful potions.
  3. Trading: Gold Ingots can be traded with Piglins for various items, potentially including ender pearls and other useful materials.
  4. Fortress Raids: Nether Fortresses hold valuable loot, including blaze rods for brewing and potentially Nether Warts for making potions.
  5. Overworld Raids: During Overworld Unlock events, make the most of your time. Gather as much as you can, and if you're prepared, consider taking on the Ender Dragon for the ultimate challenge and reward.

Surviving in Hellvival won't be easy, but it'll certainly be a thrilling experience. Remember, knowledge is power, so make sure to continuously learn about your surroundings, use your resources wisely, and always be ready for a fight. Good luck on your Hellvival journey!