Starter Guide | Hellvival Nether Survival

So, you found yourself accepting the challenge of surviving in the nether, and you’re not sure how to get started or just looking for some tips to make your game easier. This guide will go through how to make a successful start to your journey and contains some server-specific information that is useful to know and sometimes required to progress.

Useful Info

For starters, let’s clear some things out.

  1. Portals:

Your portals will normally only teleport you to the overworld spawn, which is surrounded by a barrier, which will leave you no option but to go back into the nether through the spawn portal (an exception to this is the overworld unlocked event, info in #events)

  1. Spawn is a friend:

A useful information is that the spawn replenishes your hunger, meaning you can use it to heal yourselves while gathering starting resources.

Starting Out

Now, how do we start? First, you will need some wood; that sounds like an easy task, but it may quickly turn against you if you walk down to the crimson forest and immediately get attacked by the hoglins and piglins in that area, so you will want to go either east or north to a warped forest (be careful not to look into the eyes of nearby endermen. Now that we have acquired wood, it is recommended to get some stone tools using blackstone from a basalt delta. The easiest one to get to will be down south. Now you should go gather a lot of gold (turn your first gold into a piece of armor, so that the piglins don’t attack you when you walk next to them), to trade with piglins. Once you get some resources and start a base, it is recommended to set your spawn using a respawn anchor

Additional Information

You will also need a way to replenish your hunger, for which you can use either rotten flesh (dropped from zombified piglins that you can kill by stacking up two blocks, where they can’t hit you), cook some porkchop (drops from hoglins and can be smelted by a furnace, which can be created from blackstone), or mushroom soup, which is the first farmable food source you can find (grow it on nylium with bonemeal, that you can get in soulsand valley).