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About Hellvival

Welcome to Hellvival!

We are the Original Minecraft Nether Survival Experience, where skill meets lava and your game-sense will determine where you rank among others. If you got what it takes to walk through hell... well then you might just be fit to compete.

Getting Started

We support Java and Bedrock compatibility! Invite your friends from any platform. On Java, simply connect to On Bedrock, add a new server named Hellvival with the IP set to and the port set to 25565

Getting Involved

There are many ways to join in with the Hellvival community. Firstly, the Discord - and congratulations, you're here! Other ways to get involved include:

Hellvival TV - Become a journalist, reporter, or whistleblower in the community and post your content to the official Hellvival channels!

Social Media - You can find us on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter which can all be found through

Upgrading - Love the server and want to enhance your experience? Join the ranks with a purchase of the Blaze rank at If you would like to continually support the server once upgrading to Blaze, consider subscribing to our Strider rank!

Gameplay Guidelines

Hellvival's mission is to bring players together to experience a new style of a survival server. This can only be accomplished with the support and integrity of the community. We keep our rules relatively simple, but they are vital to uphold. Please read the rules at before logging on.